About EMX-1

EMX-1 hardware is based on very sucesfull smart enviromental probe EMM.

Utilising multitude of acurately calibrated sensors controlled by state of the art firmware, EMX-1 Smart Probe is designed to collect precise environmental data ( ambient temperatures, dry-ice temperatures, light levels, relative humidity, atmospherical air pressure, 3D-orientation with impact / free-fall detection) and convert them to digital data.

Collected data is time / date stamped and stored into EMX's internal cyclic buffer. From there it is periodically send through serial interface to the back-end system.

If the probe is not able to transmit collected data to backend system then all the collected information remains stored in it's cyclic buffer from where it will be re-send when the communication with backend system is restored.

Programmable parameters

  • Fully programmable through serial data line
  • On / Off setting for each sensor
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Programmable data collection and sending intervals
  • Alarm levels for light & temp. sensors

Mechanical design

EMX1 is very small (20 x 60 mm).
One side is consumed by 8-pin XLR connector for connection of an external PT100 sensor and serial data line. The other side is a porous plug of sintered bronze. The body is made from transparent Plexiglas. Whole device has IP40 protection degree.

Regulatory compliance

  • Calibrated at time of manufacturing
  • Traceable to National Institute of Standards & Technology(NIST)
  • Software & firmware validated to Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP)
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliant


  • Optional event communications via GSM or SMS
  • No software required
  • Compatible with Transport Environment Monitoring System (TEMS) which eliminates most human intervention, reduces errors, increases productivity, and validates transports